Mary Cunningham

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Dalena N.

Found this spa across from the mall after a long day of shopping. I needed me time & I needed a intense & a relaxing massage. I guess this place been only opened for about 2 days the front desk said? They were only taking appointments for now. Front desk was very friendly & welcoming, She Went through the price list with me and explained what service they provided. I went for the mix style massage because Swedish is slow and boring to me. after telling her what I wanted, she instantly went to the back and offer me special water from a bottle and poured it in a cup for me to drink and walked me to my room. As I went in everything looked new, clean, & organized. She was clear on directions on what to do as She walked me into the room, as i undressed and Im waiting for my massage therapist to come in she greeted me, she asked me if I needed anything specific worked on and of course I said here and here, she said ok and as she worked on me she constantly asked for my pressure throughout the whole massage & making sure I'm ok. When she was working on me she was WORKING on me, I could feel her strength & smooth transition. They have great massage techniques here, they are very professional & very knowledgeable. After being done, i am officially massage DRUNK, as I walked out I felt lost, that means.. I had a great experience. Front desk & massage therapist asked how my massage was and obviously my face says it all. I couldn't really talk yet, I was still processing. Front desk again ask if I needed anything else while massage therapist had to clean up for their next appointment. I paid and left happy. Make sure to tip massage therapists, these people work hard & they deserve it. I will defiantly be back again! check in on Yelp with them for a one time discount! Highly recommend.

Dalena N., San Jose, CA
steve c.

Great massage and great deal with the Groupon special they are running. Also very close to where I live in Oakridge area. Help support new local businesses and check them out. Henry did great job.

steve c., San Jose, CA
Kristina a.

Great experience from beginning to end. The friendly front desk staff was able to make accommodations for me with less than 24 hours notice. She scheduled a 60 minute Swedish massage for me with Henry. Henry gave such a great massage! Above and beyond my expectations for a Swedish massage. He greeted me with a friendly welcome and showed me to the dimly lit room which made me immediately relaxed.  He checked in on pressure, targeted all muscles and had some techniques that helped all of my tense areas. I feel not only relaxed but rejuvenated after that! Will definitely be back

Kristina a., Santa Rosa, CA
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