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60MINS $145 $95 – 90MINS $215 $145

Indulge yourself in this stress-melting and sense-reviving relaxation massage. Each light touch stimulates the muscles, energizes circulation, and encourages blood flow. You will feel completely relaxed, and this lasting effect invites deep sleep and alleviates stress. Your burden drifts away leaving your body, mind, and spirit feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Self-care starts here. This service is suitable for massage-first-timers or people who specifically prefer light pressure.

Designed to enhance relaxation, this is not intended for pain relief or knot removals.


60MINS $160 $105 – 75MINS $200 $135– 90MINS $240 $155 

This customized massage uses medium pressure on certain parts of the body to treat muscle tightness and pain which may be keeping you from feeling your best. After specific areas (like neck, shoulders or lower-back) are addressed, light pressure will be used for the rest of the body for relaxation.

This massage will diminish stress and alleviate muscle aches and tension. We tailor to your unique needs so that you will leave feeling completely relaxed and revived.


60MINS $175 $115– 90MINS $265 $175

Therapists will use a variety of pain-relieving and stiffness-targeting techniques to focus on specific muscles. Intensive deep-work is done on stubborn knots to release chronic pain and focus on certain problematic areas.

It’s natural to feel muscle soreness after a deep tissue massage – this will melt away shortly, and you’ll feel energized and refreshed.

Strong pressure. Focus on specific muscles for chronic pain relief.


60MINS $175 $115– 90MINS $265 $175

The heated smooth stones are incorporated throughout the Swedish massage session. The warmth from the stones helps to quickly relax the muscles allowing flowing strokes and kneading Swedish techniques to penetrate deep into the muscle and relieve the built-up tension. The synergy between Swedish massage and hot stones stimulates the muscles so that the body flushes out unwanted toxins, improves immunity and promotes blood flows.

This soothing massage will alleviate the muscle aches, reduce stress, and bring calm to the body and mind.


60MINS $175 $115– 90MINS $250 $165

Our curated essential oils are used in a relaxation massage that is designed to help you unwind and feel invigorated and whole.

You can slip away into a paradise of your own. Imagine taking a walk in a deep green forest, or inhaling the smell of wild lavender, or listening to the sound of a waterfall. Your brain responds to the aroma inviting the flow of calm and freshness. This long-lasting effect promotes sleep, reduces anxiety, and alleviates muscle stiffness.


60MINS $175 $115– 90MINS $265 $175

This is a collaboration of Thai stretching techniques and deep tissue work to promote flexibility and restore the body and mind balance. Therapists will combine stretches and acupressure techniques to alleviate pain and soreness. This rejuvenating massage encourages joint mobility and promotes well-being.

Not a traditional Thai massage.


90MINS $265 $175

Pamper yourself with this over-the-top service of Swedish massage with hot stones combined with aromatherapy. This complete body and mind “makeover” is a great way to reward yourself after a stressful day at work, an intensive work-out session, or an all-nighter for exam preparation.

For whatever reason, your mind and body will thank you for this reward. The aromatherapy scents soothe body discomfort, trigger a series of favorable hormones that shield you from stress and anxiety, vivify your awareness and boost your happy moods and creativity.

Gift yourself or someone you love with this amazing service and become their favorite person in the world.

(Upgrade to Deep Tissue: extra $20)


90MINS $280 $185

This service includes Swedish massage with hot stones and CBD oil. This powerful combination brings in the best effects of massage therapy. Hot stones energize and relax the muscles allowing massage touches to rapidly diminish discomfort and improve immunity. CBD oil is used instead of regular gel bringing a calming effect to the body, and reducing inflammation and joint pain.

This harmony of CBD oil, hot stones and Swedish massage is the best way for your mind and body to get rid of toxins and stress. With all the discomfort and pain gone, you are now more relaxed, joyful, and productive. The best version of you is achieved.

(Upgrade to Deep Tissue: extra $20)


ADD-ON Essential Oil of your choice: $20 $10

ADD-ON CBD Oil: $35 $25

ADD-ON Hot Stones: $20 $10


Couples Massage: Available upon request.

Membership: We offer multiple plans – please inquire for more details.

Gift Cards purchase available.

Prenatal Massage: 13 weeks – 33 weeks, please inquire for more info.